Looking for two Italian-native people

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Looking for two Italian-native people with interest in academic research on language coding.

The task is to analyze Italian sports media articles related to referees decisions (Moviola). The analysis will be used for publishing an \ article in a top academic international journal. The article is likely to receive media coverage in Italy. Your name can be recognized in the article or kept anonymous.

This is the right task for you if:
1. You have an intrinsic interest in working the task (e.g., interest in carrying research project for your CV or personal interest; you are passionate about football or you want to be recognized in the media)

2. He or she is able to commit for an average of minimum two hours a day for the next month. (If s can work more hours, 15 days can be enough)

3. Payment equivalent around 9 Euro per hour (more or less depending on the quality of the person). Bidding are accepted.

Below is an overview of the activity. Each article is the review of a game/match (“Moviola” sheet). In total we have three newspapers for a game/match. The analysis of the text aims to split the text in sentences - in a way that each group of sentences represents an episode - and to analyze the opinion of the journalist (“Decisioni” sheet).

Upon selection, guidance will be given to carry out the process.

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